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About Us


A world capable of finding a desirable job.


To guide the students and help them to find a great job position as per the skills, interest and hobby.

About Guidershala

Guidershala Pvt. Ltd. Is a career guidance company which is provide a perfect career path to find a desirable position in a company. Many people completed their professional degree but still they are jobless because lack of proper guidance and skills.

So guidershala serve the solution of this problem. Guidershala have large team with highly educated and experience experts who help you to give a successful path of your career. Guidershala have the tie-ups with multiple reputed company to provide placements.

Now the Question is arise that what is Guidershala do for your career?

First of all Guidershala provide you an AI based counseling system to aware yourself.

Guidershala AI Based Counseling System help you to-

  • Self-awareness
  • Know your skills
  • Give you career paths
  • Know your Potential.
  • Your Field Growths.

Now how it work?

Guidershala AI based counseling system will ask you to give some information about you like





Learning style.

Now this information system will take as a input and our counseling system model will analyse on them using trained data set however your result will ready to show in the dashboard and Your generated result will send by auto generated email system.

The problem is that if any person who are not able to know more about the skills or interest then who can they can judge them self however any one now self aware. in this situation they are stuck to use this system but don’t worry our experts will help to know more about them.

In this system every thing have the fix data any one have the new thing beyond the fix data set then they can’t do any more with this system. In this scenario our model will take data to store in the data set and work for it to learn or improve the model accuracy.

You may know.

Why should you choose Guidershala?

  1. Guidershala have an AI Based Counselling system.
  2. It have highly educated and experienced experts.
  3. We Provide you a mentor individuals.
  4. Experts provide you a perfect path for your career.
  5. To providing you a job oriented training to get a perfect job.
  6. And Last but not least, Guidershala give you a job Surety.

What is the specialty of Guidershala?

  1. Guidershala have Technology based career counseling system.
  2. Career growth under the industry experts.
  3. Get ready for job.
  4. Get Placement is short Time.
  5. Guidershala has Tie-ups with multiple reputed company to provide job.
  6. Guidershala has employees training series.

Who can join guidershala?

  1. Students who have problem to choose a right career path.
  2. College Students who want to get Job shortly.
  3. Interns who have just Join their job and want growth in job position.
  4. Person who suffering with anxiety, stress and insomnia for their career.

What will be benefits to choose Guidershala?

  1. Be more productive and quality employees
  2. Career growths.
  3. Find a desired Job position.
  4. Skills development.
  5. Personality development.